Friday, February 27, 2009

My baby turns 4

Happy birthday Konnor!

Today my baby turns 4 years old. My little baby boy is no longer a baby. He no longer looks like a baby either.

He announced this morning, while coming down the steps that it was his last night going to bed with pull-ups on since now he is 4 and "way to old for baby stuff". He walked over to the shelf that we keep the pull-ups on near the bathroom and took them to the kitchen and dumped them into the trash.

I am glad he is confident - I am not so sure BUT am willing to give it a try.

I am emotional today about his birthday. Your baby turning 4 is a big deal. One more year and then it is off to school. One more year of Mom being the most important person in his life. One more year of cuddles on the couch and special secret missions together while the older kids are at school. One more year.

Maybe it is even more emotional for me when I think that next week my other baby, my first baby, will be turning 20! This makes me feel old. BUT I refuse to think about that today, I think about that tomorrow.

~Just Me

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