Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bug

One of things I learned early on in my mom of 7 kids career was to have quadruple the number of pillows, sheets, blankets and towels then you would normally need. WHY? because once a stomach bug hits one of the kids it spreads like wildfire. The second thing that I have learned is that even if you completely surround your kid with "throw up buckets" they will miss.The third thing that I learned is that they never get sick after you have had a great nights sleep and you are full of the energy needed to deal with it. They wait until you have decided to stay up a little later then normal to catch a little of Leno and as you are crawling into bed with eyes that feel like bricks you hear it, that unmistakable sound. That sound that even when you think about it turns your stomach. The first thing that runs through your mind when you hear the sound is where is the buckets and the second is do I have enough clean pillows, sheets, blankets and towels to make it through the night cause the last thing you want is to be up all night doing laundry.

Right now we have some mystery virus going through our house. It is accompanied by a very high fever and with some, body aches and vomiting. It is only lasting about 36 hours but that is long enough. The other thing that is different about this bug is it is causing some delusions. Konnor, who is 3, was yelling from his sick bed that he didn't want to go swimming. Ray kept asking me why I keep buying stuff from brand name hotels. Tyler came stumbling down the steps at midnight yelling the school bus was coming and he couldn't find his life jacket.

If having such high fevers in the kids wasn't so scary, it would have been funny!

So far it has touched everyone in the house except for me and Kimmy. I am hoping and praying that I am immune to this bug. GOD help this house if Mom gets sick like that.

Do you think a disaster such as that would qualify for National Guard assistance?

~Just Me


  1. Sorry to hear about the bug, we have something going around here too. I here you on the not hitting the bucket thing, It SUCKS!!!!!

    Hope everyone is better soon and that you manage to avoid it.

  2. That same bug was at my work a few weeks ago. Fortunately no one gave it to me. After having 4 children with severe morning sickness for 5 months with each one and occational morning sickness until the day they were born, the last thing I want is anything having to do with throwing up :P. My mom when she went through chemo would have the high fevers and would have delusions with the high fevers that the chemo produced. Lots of time giving spunge baths to bring the fevers down. Hope things are better at your house really soon.