Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My kids have watched The Simpson movie at least a dozen times. In fact they have watch it so many times they grew bored with it - Until an hour ago.

I was flipping through the ON DEMAND channel listing and saw the Simpson Movie was on and hit the button for it. I walked away to try to catch up on some email when laughter thundered from the living room.

The Simpsons are not my kind of humor in the first place and I was pretty sure none of the kids had every laughed that hard at the movie before. I decided to listen in to see if there was more to the bursts of giggles, when I noticed that I had inadvertently turned on the Spanish channel.

Seems The Simpson movie is hysterical in a different language. But WHY?? Mikaela (14) and Keegan (6) where actually rolling on the floor laughing out loud!

I guess I now know what to do when I need a quick pick me up - Turn on a cartoon and watch it in Spanish.

~Just Me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never enough time

I have to sit back and laugh at my statement from the other week. I really did think that once school started back and all but one of the kids were gone all day, that I would have more free time. HA HA HA!

If anything I seem to have less time to do anything.

All those appointments that I put off all summer are attacking me. If at all possible I refuse to take all the kids out to the doctors, dentist or eye doctor at the same time. They just don't get along in the car and waiting to be seen is no fun. I wait and do all those appointments in September or May.

This year I have already jammed in 5 eye doctor appointments, 4 physicals, and 2 dentists appointments Since school restarted. Not to mention the 22 YES 22 home appointments that the kids have had here at the house.

We have also thrown in two rabbit shows, a BBQ and having my 14 month old grandson stay here while his sister was in the hospital for 4 days.

Ray has my engine torn apart and spread throughout the garage, and if you have kept up on my blog you know my fear that it will still be sitting there this time next year. So far it has been 4 1/2 weeks for a job that was to take longer then a weekend. Our truck is also broke down so Ray and I have had to share his blazer.

We both need to be out of the house at the same time tomorrow and I told him yesterday that he can not eat, sleep or pee until my van is put back together. He did sleep, eat and pee but has been at it pretty much non-stop for the last two days now. Hopefully he will get it running before he comes to bed tonight.

So, where ever I got the idea that once school started I would be able to accomplish more in my day??? I guess I am, it is just not the stuff I wanted to do. Yes well, come next September, all my kids will in school all day. Then I know I will be able to get MY things done, of at least that is the plan.

~Just Me

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I have been an Avon Representative (again) for 4 days now. I can not believe how good it feels being back with such a wonderful company. 6 years away was too long. I was welcomed back in such a way that I have had that warm fuzzy feeling all week.

I am loving the response that I am getting from the people that I have been talking to when I let them know that I am back to business and the reactions from people that I am talking to for the first time about Avon. Seems that everyone LOVES AVON!

I have been hearing such neat stories from people of their memories of Avon from when they were a child. Women in my age group always remember the cute little pins that Avon sold for little girls that had the solid perfume in it. The men remember the decanters of after shave and cologne that their dads had and that they snuck a little from.

Avon has changed in a lot of ways but yet has kept the core of itself intact. I still can't believe I stayed away for so long.

YES it is true that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can shop for their Avon products with me through my web store. They can have these products delivered to their front door FREE! All you need to do is go to and browse the complete brochure, place your order, pay for it and it a couple of days it will be sitting there on your door step.

Just for my very special, very loyal blog readers, if you comment on this blog I will give you a secret code that allows you to have that order, no matter what size it is, delivered directly to you with NO NO NO NO shipping charges. Anything that I can do to help my friends save a little is great.

OH OH and if you are ready to start your very own web business, I can help you do that too! Just ask me how you too can do what I am doing, loving it and earning money too.

~Just me!