Friday, June 19, 2009

My Bucket list

I am sure I am not the only one that either has an "official" or "unofficial" bucket list. Some people have it neatly written down and some just keep a mental list.

I decided it was time to update mine. I recently found the one that I wrote some 20 odd years ago and although I have crossed some things off, there are still a lot left. I also added a few.

What did I cross off you ask??? Fly in a plane. Did that in 1992 when I flew to Kansas. Meet Mikey Mouse - Did that in 1999 when I went to Orlando for an Avon convention and went to Disney all by myself (doing things on your own, another upcoming post to watch for).

Anyway, here is my current list. There are only 35 things on this list and I sure hope I get to check them all off before I kick the "bucket".

In NO particular order .....

1. See a major league baseball game in person (been to the minors)

2. See a major league football game in person (College game is as far as I have gotten)

3. Ride a donkey down into the Grand Canyon (flown over the Grand canyon)

4. Watch a space shuttle launch (in person, not on TV)

5. See Niagara Falls (my parents went here on their honeymoon)

6. Go to Canada (heard the have great Maple Syrup)

7. Go to Mexico (I want a real taco)

8. Visit all 50 states ( 16 down, 34 to go)

9. Travel Route 66 the entire way (just to say I did it)

10. Watch a birth of a human baby from the foot end of the bed (I have given birth 5 times, but never saw past my knees)

11. See a Broadway show in New York ( a real one ON Broadway)

12. ride in a stretch limo (NOT the airport limo that is really just a town car)

13. Go to Ireland (meet the little people and kiss the Blarney Stone)

14. Eat dinner at the White House (I have been practicing my table manners!)

15. Watch the sunset over the ocean (This means I need to be on the WEST COAST)

16. Own a brand new car (although I would probably be too scared to drive it, or at least park it at Wal~Mart)

17. Skinny dip in the ocean (as long as NO ONE is watching! Bad enough the fish will be laughing)

18. Take an ocean cruise (YES PLEASE and I promise not to fall off.)

19. Learn how to play craps ( I LOVE to play the slots but I want to play Craps at least once and feel like a HIGH ROLLER)

20. Spend the night in a 5 star hotel (and have them call me Mrs. Stever and carry my luggage and all that)

21. Drive coast to coast (and of course stop at all those stupid road side touristy things.... WORLDS LARGEST RUBBER BAND BALL......)

22. See the Hover Dam ( And remember to pee FIRST)

23. See a Red Wood Tree ( I just can't get a grip on being able to drive through a tree!)

24. See a glacier (Just wish the were warm)

25. See a volcano erupt (from a safe distance)

26. fly in a helicopter (with lots of Xanax)

27. See the northern lights (this would be too cool, specially after a few cocktails)

28. See the La Brea Tar Pits (Wanted to do this since I was a kid watching LAND OF THE LOST)

29. Swim with the dolphins (I got to pet them at Sea World but to swim with them ... WOW)

30. Yosemite National Park (I want to see for myself if he really IS faithful)

31. hike the Appalachian trail (shouldn't be too hard since a part of it runs a few miles from my house)

32. run out of things to clean in my house. (yea like that is going to happen when I have kids)

33. spend 48 hours totally alone with NO human contact. (alone in a hammock with a good book in one hand and a hurricane in the other)

34. See Mount Rushmore (Do I even know who is up there???)

35. Learn to sew on a sewing machine. (but what to sew? )

Do you have a bucket list? I guess I better get started checking things off my list.

~Just Me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Multi Tasking Hell

As a woman and a mother I had to learn early how to multi task. I still remember after my first was born. I was the only one in the company that even knew how to turn on the computer let alone print out the paychecks. Because of this I went back to work, part time, 1 week after she was born.

I remember sitting at the computer desk (1989, before Windows) with a newborn at my breast, a telephone tucked between my chin and my shoulder calming a client, while inputting employee hours so they could get paid.

Then came baby #2, #3, #4, #5 ..... If I didn't multi task the world would have collapsed!

The problem is that my mind is so used to multi tasking now that I can't stop! I find it totally impossible to only do one thing at a time. If I try I feel "lost" or a horrid sense of urgency that I am forgetting or missing something.

Even if it is as simple as drinking a cup of tea, eating a slice of toast and typing this post. I just can't do ONE thing.

I guess I get more accomplished like this but when you are driving long distance with nothing else to do but drive, it can be a pain. I have tried books on tape but I don't like them since I like to "hear" the characters voices in my head and not just a narrator. Someone even suggested some form of "in seat exercise" but I am not that coordinated to drive and exercise at the same time.

Anyway, I was wondering, am I the only one that suffers from multi tasking hell?

~Just Me

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MORE pictures

I have a great idea for a blog, but since I have to get up at 3 am tomorrow for a rabbit show, it has got to wait. Sooooooooo, here are some more random pictures.

~Just Me