Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Back! OH and scratched that itch!

School started today and this means that I have only one of my kids home with me. It is soooo quiet today.

This also means that I will, hopefully, have more time to sit down and get back to my life. I am planning to start blogging on a regular basis again - starting today.

This was a very LONG summer. Luckily it didn't get all to hot for too long here and the kids managed ok with out having air conditioning (trying to save on the electric bill) or the pool. Some one threw in a rock and tore the lining.

Officially today I am a mom to 1 out of school, 2 in high school, 2 in middle school, 1 in elementary school and 1 still at home doing some preschool work.

Remember that "itch" I told you about?? Well Saturday night I scratched it finally.

Long ago and far away I used to be an Avon Representative. Right around the time that Keegan was born I stopped. My life was just in a tail spin at the time and I knew I couldn't do right by my customers so I sold my customer list and retired.

I have been thinking for awhile now about rejoining Avon and now it is official.

Check out my brand new webstore. ANYONE across this great nation can log on, order Avon from me and have it shipped directly to their door. Right now if your order is $30 or more the shipping is FREE!!!! Can't beat that.

Of course if you are close by I will still make your delivery to you myself.

What's that .... Thinking that maybe you would like to go into business for yourself? Hey I can help you with that too. I was a trainer (unit leader) before and plan to do it again. In fact I already have one awesome young woman in my group. Just leave me a comment with your information and I will get back to you about how you can start your own business selling #1 products!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Every now and then I will get an itch. Not the skin kind of itch but rather an itch to do something or buy something or try something.

Right now I have an itch.

Years ago I would have jumped right in as soon as an itch appeared feet first with out looking at where I was going to land. Sometimes it turned out ok, sometimes not so ok.

As I have matured I have learned to let that itch fester for a bit. Research, ask questions and wait a week or so. If the itch gets worse I will jump in if not I will sit back and wait until it goes away or gets worse.

My last itch was around Christmas when I started thinking about rabbits. I researched, asked questions and waiting until February and then dove in. We started with 3 bunnies and now have around 100. You can see some of mine at and my husbands at .

Well I got another itch. This one has been coming and going for about 3 months now. I am in the process of researching, asking questions and waiting it out. I have a very strong feeling that this itch is going to need to be scratched and won't just go away.

I promise to fill you in as soon as I made a decision.

~Just Me