Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My kids have watched The Simpson movie at least a dozen times. In fact they have watch it so many times they grew bored with it - Until an hour ago.

I was flipping through the ON DEMAND channel listing and saw the Simpson Movie was on and hit the button for it. I walked away to try to catch up on some email when laughter thundered from the living room.

The Simpsons are not my kind of humor in the first place and I was pretty sure none of the kids had every laughed that hard at the movie before. I decided to listen in to see if there was more to the bursts of giggles, when I noticed that I had inadvertently turned on the Spanish channel.

Seems The Simpson movie is hysterical in a different language. But WHY?? Mikaela (14) and Keegan (6) where actually rolling on the floor laughing out loud!

I guess I now know what to do when I need a quick pick me up - Turn on a cartoon and watch it in Spanish.

~Just Me!

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