Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you smarter then the Jeopardy Champ?

I hardly ever get to watch TV before my little boys are in bed so I never get a chance to watch Jeopardy anymore. I used to watch it just to see how unknowledgeable I was.

Last night I actually caught the very end of the show, the final jeopardy question. Now I can't remember the exact wording to the question but it was something along the lines - - This is the only country that will not allow US hurricane hunter aircraft to fly in their airspace.

An answer popped right into my head and I was thinking, geesh that was too easy, must be something else.

The first contestant's answer, North Korea - WRONG
The Second Contestant's answer, Iran - WRONG
The third contestant's answer, China - WRONG

Now people, this was not that hard. I can't ever for the life of me remember a HURRICANE in any of those three countries. Even Alex was a little perplexed with the answers and asked WHERE to hurricanes occur???

Ok so he gives the answer AND I WAS RIGHT! Wow I am smarter, or maybe just listen better, the a jeopardy champ!

OH you want the answer - CUBA, DUH!

Are you smarter then a Jeopardy Champ?

~Just Me

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