Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick day for Mom (ha ha ha)

No I am not sick, thank GOD. Well maybe sick and tired of being underpaid and under appreciated but not ill.

My husband on the other hand is sick. He has an upper chest infection and is on medicine from the doctor.

I have had at least one kid home sick with me EVERY day for the last week. This means that all my errands have had to be put on hold. When my husband decided this morning that he was too sick to go to work, I thought that he would at least sit on the couch, watch TV and keep an eye on our 3 year old who is still not feeling great.

"But I am sick"

"Yes Babe, I know your sick but I have to get these errands done."

"B u t I a m s s s i i i c c c k k k"

"Yes I know you are that is why you didn't go to work but Konnor is sick too and I don't want to drag him around all day."

{cough, hack, cough} "But I just want to lay down. I am sick"

"Yes I know that but if it was just ME that was sick, I would still have to get the kids up for school, make breakfast, get them on the bus, take care of Konnor, the dog, the cats, the rabbits, the chickens AND still do all the errands that can only be done during the day. So can I leave Konnor with you while I do my errands."


He fell back to sleep and that was the end of that conversation.

So the banking hasn't gotten done, the mail hasn't been sent since I have no stamps, the pantry is all but bare and the clothes are piling up since I am out of laundry soap. The chickens are out of straw AND I have been waiting a week to get to Wal~Mart to get a blow dryer since mine up and died.

Maybe we moms can form some type of union and start making demands. Of course going on strike would do us no good since we would only be hurting ourselves in the long run. I mean no one would think of crossing the picket line and do our work for us. That only means that there would be sooooo much more to do when the strike was over.

I wonder what would happened if I just would take Konnor up to our room, put on a DVD, lock the door and run some errands. The problem is I know I couldn't do it and Ray knows that too.

~Just Me

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