Thursday, February 5, 2009

I SEE DEAD PEOPLE and plants and animals

Along with being boring I also have this uncanny knack of seeing things that other people don't. NO I don't see dead people walking down the sidewalk but I do see things in strange places. I guess it started when I was a child. Being raised in a rural setting left me lots of time to play on my own and lots of time for my imagination to grow.

It is almost next to impossible for me to look at a cloud formation without pulling out a picture from it.

I also see pictures in the faux marbling that encloses my bathtub and on my kitchen floor. I see pictures in the way the moon light shines through the bare branches of trees in the winter. I see pictures in the wet caused by the melting snow running across my driveway. Last night it looked like a mother and baby kangaroo dancing. Oh and I have even seen pictures in the feathering of my chickens.

My wonderful husband thinks that I am totally nuts, well most people do. They say I think too much. I can't help it, these pictures just pop out at me.

I told my high school art teacher about it once and he said it was the sign of a true artist, a sculptor. He took it back after he saw me try to sculpt once.

Can you see what I see in these two cloud formations? The first one looks like an evil teddy bear to me and the second is a cross between the wicked witch of the east and my second grade teacher - who ALWAYS wore a tight bun.

Once I find some more I promise to post them. Just can't seem to navigate my saved photo files right now.

~Just Me

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  1. I totally see the evil teddy bear and wicked witch! I do the same thing. I remember as a kid my parents had the acoustic "popcorn" ceiling with glitter, I would lay on my bed and find "pictures" in the textures. I could swear dracula was right over my bed!