Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This, That and the Other Thing

You know I really am a boring person OR rather I lead a pretty boring life. Now I know what you are thinking, how could someone with 7 kids and 1 grandson have a boring life?? But really trying to think about writing about what is going on in my life is hard. I know I would find it kind of boring to read, but here goes, little snippets of my life.

1. I took Keegan and Konnor to the dentist today. They happen to go to the same dentist that Jon and Kate (plus 8) take their children to. No I have never run into them there I am sure with 8 kids they block out a whole day just for them. This was Konnor's first visit to a dentist and I must say he did pretty good. NO cavities! He has his fathers teeth. Ray is 34 and has never had a cavity (YES I AM JEALOUS!).

Keegan on the other hand has bottle mouth. He had 4 pretty nasty cavities and they worked on two of them today. He gets what he calls the "cherry mask" to help him relax. It is not easy working on a 5 year olds teeth when that 5 year old also has ADHD. They got two teeth fixed and he goes back in 3 weeks to get the other two done.

This doctor DOES NOT participate with any dental insurance but will give you a computer print out to send into your insurance company for some type of reimbursement.

Our bill for today $475.00 WOW! Not sure how much we will get back from Delta Dental but you can be sure that I will have that form in the mail first thing tomorrow morning! Keegan being my 6th kid in the dentist chair, I still wonder, if they are baby teeth then why all the fuss? I know they say it can effect the permanent teeth but wouldn't it be simpler to yank them out? Just kidding but still $475 is a lot of money!

OH and while we were there, Air Force One was doing fly bys. There were a couple of times that I swear I ducked cause it seemed like they were going to land or crash right into the office. When I got home I checked the on-line news and found that this was just practice and neither the president or the vice-president were on board.

2. Ray, Tyler and Keegan have been busy all week building cages (or holes) for our bunnies. The show is on Saturday and I can't wait to get there and see all of them. From what I hear they had over 12,000 rabbits at this show last year PLUS cavies too!

I have been in contact with one woman who I am going to buy a rabbit from, he is only 5 months old and at least from the photo she sent me, is so cute. Another woman and I have been chatting back and forth in email (Hi, Kathleen) and I am making it my mission to meet up with here as early in the day as possible. She has been so helpful and I know I will be able to learn so much from her. AND there is so much to learn. If you are anywhere near Lebanon Pennsylvania, stop on over. I won't be too hard to find with Ray, 6 or my 7 kids and my grandson too.

I will know tomorrow if the name we want for our rabbitry is ours. I promise to let you all know as soon as I know. Then I have to try to design a web site and business cards. I have Kimberly working on our logo already.

3. I am having FUN reading other people's blogs. If you have one or know of a good one please let me know. I am getting to know the "real" person behind a few people that I thought I knew.

4. Ray and I are getting our taxes done on Sunday. Hey, "we got people". I used to be, (BK's), a CPA but I won't touch our taxes. Last year alone Ray worked in 5 different states, drove over 28,000 miles for work and had all kinds of work expenses, including union dues and work related clothing, boats, gloves and what not. We also sold a house and bought this one. Sorry I am letting "the people" do it this year.

So that is a little of my life, for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Any suggestions? I can write about almost any topic, once I get started.

~Just Me

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