Friday, February 20, 2009

My van HATES Fridays!

I am thoroughly convinced that my van hates Fridays! EVERY Friday for the last 5 weeks my battery has been dead.

Friday is errand day. I think my van is doing this on purpose. I think my van hates running around doing errands. Stupid since it is not like the errands will just disappear or someone else will do them.

Ray will come home, jump start the van and off I will go and do most of the errands that I have to do and the rest will wait until tomorrow.

Waiting until tomorrow STINKS! Saturday should be my sleep until I wake up on my own day. But my van hates doing errands on Fridays during the day and it forces me to get up early Saturday morning and do the banking, running to the mill, and other stuff I can only do during the daylight since most of the town I live near closes at 5 pm. Yes believe it or not there are still towns in America that close early, open even earlier and aren't open at all on the weekends! They keep a "FARMERS SCHEDULE" This was a HUGE shock to my system upon moving up here last spring.

I am getting even with my van tonight though. Ray is coming home NOT with jumper cables but a BRAND NEW SUPER DUTY battery! HA HA HA, I will not have a dead battery again next Friday and I will get all my errands done and I WILL sleep past 5 am next Saturday morning!

~Just Me

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