Sunday, March 15, 2009

Add 4 please

Welcome to the twilight zone - or at least my version of it. Every since I met my husband we have fallen into this unknown zone whenever we do any kind of home project. It never fails, every project, every time!

Laying a new carpet in our playroom which was to take around 3 hours turned into a 3 day affair when we found that the flooring under the carpet also needed replacing.

The new toilet for the powder room which I was to take an hour, turned into a week long project when the pipe cracked and needed to be replaced.

The chicken coop that was scheduled for two weekends has been under construction now since last October!

Our latest project, which I honestly thought would take all of 45 minutes has now been lasting 4 days. I having a feeling it is going to be going on for 4 more weeks at this rate!

My kitchen sink started draining slowly a few weeks ago and then stopped flowing all together last week. After my husband tried every known drain cleaner on the market I finally called a plumber. He came out on Thursday and after 3 hours and $250 later determined that the pipe that leads out of the house to the drain field was either severely clogged or collapsed.

We hired a friend to come over and dig up the pipe on Friday. He worked 5 hours and then his son came and worked another 5 hours undigging this pipe. Part of the problem was that we weren't sure exactly were this pipe ran.

Yesterday they finally got the entire pipe dug up and it was determined that it was so clogged with 50 years worth of debris that it would need to be replaced. Ray went out and got new, larger pipe and they started to remove the old and put in the new.


We live in a VERY old farm house. Our kitchen sink, on it's on drain line, has a single pipe that drained right into the creek on our property. Our neighbor across the way came over and was quiet upset. He never knew that for the last 50 years it was already doing this. The creek runs along his property and into his pond.

SOOOOO now we have to add a drain field so it will be filter before reaching the creek. More time, more money.

My wonderful husband has been out for the last 3 hours picking up the needed supplies to accomplish this while I have 3 teenagers digging a larger drainage area. Oh and did I mention that the ground water level around here is VERY high and that every ten minutes they are coming into the house, through my kitchen with those muddy shoes??

So what I honestly thought was going to be a 45 minute plumbing job has already turned into a 4 day affair with no end in site!

Next house, brand spanking new and we will have a live in handy man!

~Just Me!


  1. Boy it sounds like my house! Every project in an old house is complicated. Even something as simple as painting a room becomes week or two-long project because of cracks in the walls/messed up baseboard/or "the carpet needs replaced first". I wish you well!!

  2. Bless your heart! Well look at it this way, by the time you are finished, you will have your new house ;P. But seriously, I wish you well on the project and hope it goes more smoothly.

  3. You know I hear your pain. Our house was built around 1860, I'd have to research it to be sure, and who has time. There wasn't any heat upstairs in most of the house, the kids had to share a bedroom for two years while we redid EVERYTHING from taking it all down and out and redoing all the plumbing. It really sounds like you're moving very quickly actually. Youu knoe you are blessed that your kids are helping you. We are so lucky to have husbands who are man enough to take this all on.
    I miss you.
    Sorry I don't know how to change my posting name so I think I'm anonymous.