Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book vs. Movie

I love to read. Reading to me becomes a magical experience. When I pick up a good book it is like a tiny movie screen pops up into my head. If it is a REALLY good book it almost seems as if I am teleported into the book. I feel the air, smell the scents, become one with the book. I can become so intertwined with the characters that I can physically feel their pain.

Movies I love too. I love to watch a good movie. My favorite are the kinds that make you laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh. Movies that pull out those strong emotions in me. I remember watching War of the Worlds at the drive inn theater (the one with Tom Cruise) and having my stomach muscles ache for days afterward. What I hate are movies that don't do books justice.

After reading the Twilight series of books in January, and loving every page of them, my girls and I eagerly awaited the DVD release this past weekend. I knew just how every scene should be filmed, how each character should look, how they should sound and move. In my mind I had already seen the movie, the one that my mind had created while reading the books. I had become one with those books.

Last night Kimberly and I watched the movie. To say that I was unimpressed would be a huge understatement. I was furious! The characters were all wrong, the acting was less then "b" rated, the interaction between the characters was laughable. The filming was less then average. I have seen Jr high plays that were put together better. I had really hoped for something better.

Now I am not sure if I am going to waste my time with the next movie in the series. They reportedly just started filming it. The only thing that might tempt me into it is that they have a new director. Maybe I will let my girls go first and see if it is worth my time and disappointment.

For those who thought the movie was right on target, I am sorry that my opinion differs. For those that agree with me, lets keep our fingers crossed that this new director gets it right this time.

~Just Me


  1. I read a lot too, but never watch movies. The few times I've seen movie made from a book, I was disappointed. So a long time ago I gave up watching movies-I don't even watch DVDs or movies on TV. I'd rather read a book ANY day!!

  2. I totally agree! I saw the movie first then read the books....twice! lol! The funny thing is I still see the movie in my head more clearly than the actual movie. I have to laugh at the still photos from the movie. The actors have ZERO chemistry with one another! You would think the at least the illusion of chemistry would be a prerequisit with a story like this! I will probably watch the other movies but mostly to satisfy my curiosity (can't wait to see how they are gonna handle the last book!) and then read the books again to swing my mind back to the actual story.