Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Rabbit Barn

When I started with my rabbit hobby, I really thought that I was going to keep it small. I thought the spare room in the back of my house would be plenty enough to house the one of three rabbits that I was going to have.


My rabbit hobby is very quickly outgrowing my spare room in the house. I also have come to realize that I am so hooked that by this time next year it won't be totally out of the question that I will have more then 50 rabbits.

My husband is so wonderful and knows me so well. He knows that simply little things are what make me the happiest. He knows that being with my rabbits has made me a much happier person to be around. He knows that I really want to be a top breeder or quality show and pet rabbits. He knew that I wanted my own, not part of the house, professional rabbit barn.

I love my husband when he knows just what I want. With out me knowing it, he went out and got all the wood and supplies needed to build me my very own rabbit barn.

He pulled in the drive way the other day with the pickup truck full and the trailer also.

He bartered for almost all it so the project is going to cost us next to nothing!

Since the ground was already torn up from our little plumbing job and he decided to use that area for the new rabbit barn.
He first laid 4 inches of stone as a foundation and then started with the flooring.

After the floor was done he stared on the walls. Here he is putting together wall one. You can see Konnor off to the left picking my daffodils.

Konnor, even though he just turned 4, wants to be Daddy's helper. He was able to carry the 2 x 4's over to the job site all by himself.

Of course he needed lots of breaks. Those 8 foot long pieces of wood are heavy mom!

The frame for the walls went up pretty fast and soon it was time to put up the outside of the walls. This is where I got to help. It took both of us to carry and nail them into place.

Kaylynn's boyfriend, Jeff and his brother Joey, are over today to help raise the roof. Ray thinks that by the end of the day my new rabbit barn will be enclosed!
Of course he still needs to shingle the roof, add the door and the window, paint the sides, insulate the inside ......
Knowing how our home projects go, I am thinking my barn should be ready for the rabbits sometime in July or August. Ray says by the end of the month. Glad he is confident.
~Just Me

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