Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In my opinion there is nothing cuter then babies. I love babies. Even the ugliest adult animal started out as a cute little baby.

I am still pacing the floor waiting on my rabbits to have their babies. I had a good sign this morning when I went to feed though. Fluffy grabbed up her ration of hay and started to "mustache" it. It is so hard to not peak in a see what she is doing but I know I have to give her some quiet time if she is indeed in labor.


Ray came home last night with 6 baby chicks. They had just hatched out and are sooooo cute. He brought them home before we had the nursery set up, so to keep them warm Kimmy and I each took three and put them inside our shirts. I must be warmer then she is because mine settled right done and went to sleep but her 3 were all jumpy and peeping away.

We told the kids NOT to name these since there is a 50/50 chance that they are roosters and will wind up on the dinner table instead of in the hen house. Of course by the time the kids went to bed the all had names. Now I hope we have 6 hens instead of 6 roasters. The kids are still having a hard time with the idea that we are now raising food animals. They are ok with the eggs but beyond that .....

Right now they are living in a big cardboard box in my kitchen on top of my dishwasher. Ray rigged a heat lamp over them and we are having fun just watching them stumble around. At times it seems as if they fall asleep just standing there and fall over. TOO CUTE.

~Just Me

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  1. Oh yes, they ARE too cute...and bunnies next!!