Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am asking for prayers.

My 84 year old grandmother was admitted to the hospital on Thursday evening with a brain bleed and severe vomiting.

As of 10 pm last night (last update I received) the bleeding is no worse but no better and they still haven't been able to stop her from vomiting.

My 84 year old grandfather (with a heart condition) has not left her side. The ICU nurses called his cardiac doctor into the unit because they were afraid he was having a heart attack but he had refused to go down to the ER to be checked. He is now on a portable monitor since he refuses to leave her side.

I am asking for prayers that GOD be with them both. If this is her time to go join GOD that he is merciful and allows her to go without pain and that he sends his calming presence to be with my grandfather and the rest of our family.

My mom, an only child, is also a mess.

My grandparents names are Dot and Jim Heaney. They are the parents to 1, grandparents to 2, great-grandparents to 11 and the great-great-grandparents to 2 almost 3.

~Just Me

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