Friday, January 30, 2009

You know you're boring when .....

I used to think that my life was full of excitement, I mean rarely a day goes by that my heart rate and respiration hasn't accelerated for one reason or another. The only thing is it is usually brought on by something that my kids have done. Even I don't think reading about how my kids are driving me insane is worth it.

So I thought I would give you my thoughts on some of the news stories I have read lately.

Mother of octuplets has six other children I saw this headline this morning on and I thought it must be a mistake. This mother gave birth to only the second set of living octuplets in this country. I thought at first WOW it is going to be hard to care for that many babies. I know I was drained with just one at a time. Then I read this article and learned that she had 6 other children AND her husband is scheduled to return to Iraq soon. GOD bless her and I certainly hope that she gets lots and lots of help. This sure is stretching the saying that "GOD only gives you what you are able to handle".

Alaskan volcano set to erupt This is one of those forces of nature that amaze me. The article says that a web cam was being set up but I haven't found it yet. I hope no one is stupid enough to be too close when it does erupt. I remember pondering once, What happens once all the stuff that spues out IS out. Will the earth collapse in on itself? I mean how much stuff is really down there?

This one made me smile the title of the story is 110 year old living fossil becomes a dad. I have to admit that when I read stories like this I often imagine these animals as humans. ........"Henry's newfound libido does have some limits, however. Hazley said Juliet, a youthful 22 year old, appears to be too hot to handle for the centenarian....." How could you not put human faces onto them when you read a line like this. I read this while picturing a little, stoop over, balding man ...

Have you read any interesting news lately? Post it in the comments so everyone can see!

I have a busy weekend again coming up. Ray and I will be building rabbit cages all weekend and setting up our former "junk room, play room, storage room" into a rabbit habitat. We plan on housing the rabbit in there until Spring when we will be able to build something for them outside of the house. Right now we just can't pour concrete very well. We are going to our first show next weekend and we hope to come home with a few new members to our family. We have decided on breed called the Jersey Woolies. They are so cute and from what I have learned have a great temperament. Once the ARBA has approved our choice of names for our rabbit farm I will be setting up a web site. Until then you can check out these two sites to learn more. This is the home to ARBA. You can learn so much about rabbits from this site. This site is for just Jersey Woolies. We have been so lucky to have been in contact with very friendly breeders. Everyone so far is more then willing to help us out in our new endeavor and I want to thank them all.

Check out the sites and let me know what you think.

~Just Me

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