Monday, January 12, 2009


I am sorry but I hate the cold and I do everything possible to avoid being cold. When everyone in my house is running around in t-shirts and shorts, I still have on a hoodie. When the temperature drops and my family puts on long sleeves I have already broken out the thermal shirts. Right now as I type I have a thermal under shirt on under a t-shirt, under a sweat shirt, under a zippered hoodie, sweat pants, thermal socks and big fuzzy slippers. According to my family I am nuts but like I said I hate to be cold. This of course will make you wonder why I live in Central Pennsylvania, but that is another story!

Now we shift to my kids. It is COLD outside, no it is FREEZING outside! According to "weather bug" (a internet weather service that keeps me updated on the weather on my toolbar). It is only 22 degrees outside with a wind at a steady 5 to 10 miles per hour. It is FRIGID out there. Any sane person would put on a coat to go outside. My kids are NOT sane!!!!

"My coat won't fit in my locker", "I will only be outside for a minute", " My coat makes me look fat" ..... The bottom line, I have found is that once a kid gets to middle school, at least in this family, it is no longer cool to were a coat in the winter. Doesn't matter that they are standing out side for the bus as their lips turn blue, or that they are shivering uncontrollable, there is always one excuse or another why they don't NEED a coat. They, in my opinion, are insane!

I have tried, bribing them, threatening them, pleading with them, nothing works. They will not wear a coat to school.

Oh, if we are running to the store, or they are out playing around they will put on their coat (sometimes), but just not to go to school.

So after doing this with 5 kids in a row, I have come to the conclusion that once my kids hit middle school the are "too cool for coats".

~Just Me

Had my weigh in yesterday. YIPPEE! Another 3 1/2 pounds gone from my body that I will never have to see again. So far 8 yes 8 pounds gone forever

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