Friday, January 16, 2009


One of the hardest thing that a child has to go through is death of a beloved pet. No amount of hugs, kisses and he is in heaven now honey, is going to make your child feel any better.

Last night at bedtime, my daughter Kimberly, found her beloved guinea pig, Gary, laying on his side gasping for breath.

Gary fought for every breath he took for the next 4 hours while Kimberly laid next to his cage, which we sat on the living room floor. She stroked his fur and whispered to him how much she loved him and what a great pet he had been. She told him that she would miss him but it was ok to let go.

For a mom it was the hardest thing I had to go through in a very long time. Watching my 12 year old daughter try to not only ease her own pain but to comfort her dying pet.

Gary past away in the middle of the night while Kimberly slept. She kissed him goodbye this morning before she gathered the courage to go to school.

R.I.P. Gary, you will be missed.

~Just Me

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  1. Wendy: I am crying so hard now. I really feel her pain. My blog talks of my pain about losing Buddy so i can honestly say, "i get it." Pls give her my love and a big hug too. I know neither of those will bring precious little Gary back, but at least she'll know she's not alone in her pain. I'm so sorry! RIP Gary! Love you, Cindy aka Sleepy