Friday, January 23, 2009

Playlist and My Big Fat BUTT


I have added a new feature to this blog page. If you look to the right and scroll down you will see a playlist. Now it is still in the BETA version so it has some bugs. These are some of the thousands of songs over the years that I played to death either on my record player or cassette tapes. I never got into the CD era - guess that really dates me. By the time CD's became all the rave I was too into raising my kids that I didn't have time for the new technology.

My kids have hundreds of CD's which now that they have MP3 players are starting to collect dust.

If you click onto one of the songs listed you will here just a snippet of the song BUT if you then click VIDEO, if there is one available you will get a mini screen and the entire song played for you to watch and listen too. For those close to my age, you will see that most of these songs are the hot hits from the 80's. This was a time in my life I refer to as BK (before kids).

I was hoping as I was making up this play list that you and I would be able to hear the songs played all the way through and start randomly when the page loaded. Guess that is something that I send to the creators as a suggestion.

I hope you enjoy these songs and the videos.

OH great news, at least I think so. I have a pretty busy weekend coming up and so I got on the scale today instead of waiting until Sunday (my normal weigh in day). I have lost another 2 1/2 pounds for a grand total so far of 12 1/2 pounds. I am so glad that it is coming off. SLOWLY but coming off. That leaves me with 42 more pounds to go to my goal weight. I REALLY want to hit my goal on or before my birthday in June.

I have been watching the TV show "THE Biggest Loser" and I have to say that I am jealous of the amount of weight that some of the contestants take off each week. Just this past Tuesday one guy lost 18 pounds (I think I got that right). I can't imagine loosing that amount of weight in one week! There is one boy, a teenager, the heaviest in the history of the show. It is painful for me to watch him. He started out at over 440 pounds and in three weeks he has lost 48 pounds!

I hope that all you that are trying to live healthier lifestyles are having success too! Give me a shout out if you too are trying to loose some weight or just live a healthier lifestyle.

~Just Me


  1. How funny that you have 80's music on your blog. I hate 80's music. And 70's music. I was so busy raising kids that I rarely listened to music during those decades so I never learned to like it. I'm a child of the 60's music-and that dates ME!!

    You're doing great on your diet. I've only lost 3 pounds in my first two weeks. I have a long way to go at this rate. I'm happy for you!!

  2. It's great to see you are accomplishing your goal! I have lost 15 lbs, but I started last November. So my progress is slow but steady, maybe that means it will stay off this time :P. I too have more to go and soon I will fit into clothes I haven't worn in a couple of years. Woohoo, it will be like having a new wardrobe without spending the money ;P.

    I date back even farther than that. But I wont tell how much farther ;P. If you like Journey you should check out their newer music. Their first CD since breaking from their label was Red 13 (I think there has been a new one since then), and the song Walking Away from the Edge. Great song, you can find it on Youtube.