Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes I wish I was a man

Ok, I really don't wish I was a man. I really like being a woman, a mother, a sister - but every now again, like yesterday, I wish I could transform into a man for a little while. Kind of like how Bruse Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk for a short time and then turns back into himself.

We had a great day in Ocean City yesterday for the annual Penguin Swim, you know where people jump into the ice cold surf on New Years day. We were on our way home, just two miles away when we picked up an unwanted rider.

The county has been replacing some pipes under the road near our home and they have yet to pave over the dirt and stones covering the pipes. It was just our luck that we hit the 3 foot wide area in just the right way that one of the stones lodged in our tire. We didn't make more then another 1/2 mile before our tire was flat on the rim.

This is the where the "I wish I was a man" statement comes in.

If I would have been alone, just by myself or even with my children, I would have been totally stuck on the side of the road. I confess, I don't know the first thing about changing a tire let alone jacking up a car. Oh and did I mention, I don't even own a jack. Lucky for me it was a Sunday and my OTR truck driving husband was home and in the car with us and that our new neighbor, who's number I didn't have but my husband did, had two jacks and answered his phone when we called.

Ok, so I know that women are just as capable of changing a tire as men are but I just never thought it was something that was necessary to learn. From the time I started driving there has always been a man in my life (father, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, ....) that I could call on to help me out. Now that I am in an area where I really do not know anyone, well lets just say I would have been up a creek.

Boys are taught these things by their fathers. I was in the kitchen, or was supposed to be, learning to cook - not out learning to change a tire.

Anyway, I really don't have any desire to learn how to change a tire, although after yesterday I really should. Nope my way of dealing with this is that tomorrow morning bright and early I am going to be calling my local chapter of AAA and getting the best membership they have. Next time I have a flat I will be calling them to come change it instead of going into a panic on the side of a country road.

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  1. I have been taught to change and know how to but I keep a AAA membership so I don't have to. Besides tires are heavy.