Friday, January 13, 2012

Poor Old Lonely House

I have been doing a lot of driving around my new "neighborhood".  Getting the feel or it all and finding the fastest way to get from point A to point B.  In doing this I get to look at all the interesting buildings, attractions and animals that the Eastern Shore of Maryland has to offer.

Today I went to OC to do a mystery shop.  I promise to blog about my mystery shopping this weekend.

On the way to OC I was on a lesser traveled road and came across this poor old lonely house.

It made me sad thinking about it and also made me wonder about the people that use to live there.  Who were they? What did they do? And also where did they go?

There are many of these types of houses around the Eastern Shore.  You can see that on many farms, they just built a new house or brought in a modular.  This also leads me to wonder why they left these poor old lonely houses standing instead of tearing them down.  Do they have some sentimental value to the land owner?  Is it part of a covenant  made when the land was sold?  Or is it just too expensive to tear it down?

My family originally came to this area way back in the early 1700's and it leaves me wondering if any of the poor old lonely houses around here may have sheltered one of them.

I tell myself that some day I will summon up the courage to knock on the farmers door and ask about the old lonely house on his land.  Of course they will most likely think that I am some crazy lady and slam the door in my face - but if that house does hold some sentimental value, maybe they will invite me in and tell me the story behind why it was left standing.

~Just Me

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