Monday, May 4, 2009

Sissy La La

Every since I was a little girl, whenever I was afraid of something, my dad would call me a "sissy la la". The phrase stuck with me and now my kids use it towards each other.

I was a BIG sissy la la this morning!!!

I went to the hospital as scheduled to have my stress test for my heart. What I didn't know before getting there was that I was going to be injected with radiation and then stuck into a machine to take pictures of my heart. NO WAY!

I am VERY claustrophobic. Hell, even with 4 mgs of Xanax in my I still couldn't do an MRI the other year.

I DID try this morning. Before they gave me the injection the very nice tech got the machine ready and I climbed up onto the table. She started it up and as I was being slid into place and the rotating plate thing came closer and closer to my face, I freaked.

She got me out quickly and I apologized over and over again for wasting her time, but there was just no way that I could spend 20 minutes in there!

I dub myself a HUGE SISSY LA LA!

Hopefully I will do better this afternoon when I go for my annual mammogram.

~Just Me

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  1. Sorry you could not get your test done this morning It seems like the heart doctors would have a better way of taking pictures of a heart without sticking people in a tube. BTW I keep up to date with you via bloglines. I've been using it for sometime now so you will probably never see me in your list of followers. Quiet