Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Photos

This is the first year that we have a kid in a non-school organized sport. The price for these activities were just so high were we used to live that we just couldn't afford it. It seems that the organizers in this area really do want all the kids to have a chance to play and make it affordable. Of course the whole community comes out and helps to support local kids sports so that makes a big difference.
Keegan is really enjoying playing T-ball this year. He is learning a lot and not just about the sport. He is learning how to be part of a team. Keegan has always been the take charge kind of kid, the leader. Now he gets to learn how to be a follower too.

Keegan showing Mom WHY he needs a drink. "MY TONGUE DRIED OUT MOM!"

Keegan heading for home plate. GO KEEGAN!

I love this photo. Keegan is the "pitcher". They don't have pitchers in t-ball but since this is were 90% of the balls that are hit go, he gets a lot of practice scooping them up and throwing to first base.
Doesn't he look like CHARLIE BROWN is this photo????

Now Keegan is the catcher. He gets to grab the balls that somehow get hit backwards instead of out into the field. He said he likes this "job" because he feels like a super hero in all the gear. 5 year olds are so funny.

On to the bunnies! Next to the kids they are my favorite thing to take pictures of. Right now we have 3 litters of babies and 4 more does that should kindle (give birth) within the next two weeks.
Ray is having much more success with his Californians that I am with my Jersey Woolys.

Here is one of Ray's litters. BABE gave birth to 10 kits (babies) and they are all snuggled up with each other to keep warm. Of course mom made a great nest for them and lined it with her own fur that she pulled.

Here is my litter of Jersey Wooly's. My doe FoFo (Konnor named her) gave birth to 6 kits. 6 kits for a Jersey Wooly is considered a large litter. I have NO idea what they are going to be yet. We do have two white and 4 dark gray kits. It will take a month of so until we know. There are dozens of different varieties of Jersey Wooly that you just never know what you are going to get.
Ray has it easy. Californian + Californian = Californian. BUT Jersey Wooly + Jersey Wooly = any one of maybe 30 different varieties of Jersey Wooly.

Here is another one of Ray's Californian babies. She is just getting the coloring on her nose, ears, tail and feet. This one is part of a litter of 9. She fell asleep right after her medicine.
She developed "NESTBOX EYE", kind of like pink eye. We bring her into the house twice a day to medicate the eye. Ray is getting very attached to her and I think the feeling is mutual. Where the other kits run to the back of the cage when Ray comes out, "Squints" runs to the front and practically jumps into Ray's hands when he opens the door.
~Just Me.

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