Friday, April 24, 2009

Home again

Ok, so for those who heard the whispers, I promised to tell it all here. Get the facts straight and all.

YES I was admitted to the hospital straight from the doctors office on Wednesday. YES due to whatever they saw on the EKG they did in the doctors office, they thought I was having or had - had a MI. Yes as a result of that news I was scared witless and went into a full blown panic attack.

I was admitted to the CCU in a semi private room. I was stripped naked and gowned. They didn't even give me a chance to do it myself. Not sure if that is because they are used to dealing with much older people or if I looked like I was not able to undress myself.

Before I knew it they had my hooked up to a heart monitor, had inserted an IV, drawn what seemed like a 100 tubes of blood and shoved that oxygen thingy up my nose.

They let Ray and Konnor into the room to see me for a few minutes. Konnor was not liking seeing his mommy all hooked up. I tried to smile and laugh about it all. I told Ray to get home and get things ready for the other kids and to promise that he would somehow get Keegan to t-ball. They had missed so many practices already due to those wonderful April showers and I didn't want him to miss any more.

So there I was left all alone, hooked up and honestly afraid. Oh of course I had the lady in the bed next to me. She kept yelling at her imaginary friend that was also in the room some where with us.

They took me for this test and that test over the next 24 hours, drew blood every 4 hours, and served me the most horrid food. I thought I was going to loose my mind!

They had me in one of these motion beds. They are made to help prevent bed sores. They inflate and deflate every few minutes. They lady next to me never slept more then 30 minutes at a time and the nurses came in to tend to her every 2 hours to clean her bottom. She could not control herself and "pooped" often.

I wanted out of there so bad.

They determined that I did NOT have a heart attack but still do not like the looks of my test results. I agreed to come back for more testing as an outpatient if they let me go home to my own bed and see my kids.

So now I am home and resting. I have to go back to the hospital on Monday for more tests but at least I get to sleep in my own bed this weekend.

~Just Me


  1. Yikes Wendy! Glad it wasn't an MI but sending up prayers that they figure things out quickly and it's not that serious! Hang in there!

  2. not fun.
    how did those follow up tests go?