Monday, July 6, 2009

Konnor's LOVE

My youngest son, Konnor is 4 and is in love. I really don't remember what his first word was but I think it might have been either THOMAS or TRAIN.
Every day he watches every Thomas episode that is "ON DEMAND" at least 5 times. He designs track layouts all over the house and sings ALL the songs.
If this little boy doesn't grow up to work with trains I will really be surprised!
Saturday was Konnor's lucky day! Thomas had pulled into the Phillipsburg, New Jersey Station and was giving rides.
Ray and I only had 3 kids home this weekend so we packed up Mikaela, Keegan and Konnor and drove the 90 minutes there and surprised Konnor with a "Day out with Thomas" adventure.
He was SOOOOOOO excited and SOOOOOOO happy to finally meet his first love.
Keegan was less impressed. Being that he is almost 6, he feels Thomas is for the "little" kids and would had been happier with Dragon Tales.
Here Keegan and Konnor get to pose with Thomas. Keegan, being Keegan is giving his baby brother a "nuggie".
Konnor is checking out the wooden Thomas train display. I know what he is going to have on his Christmas wish list this year.

Keegan is all smiles but it isn't for the trains. The little girl right behind him caught his eye and he followed her all around the train tent.

Hot dogs and straw bales. Keegan was enjoying this break in the action.

The boys got to meet Sir Topin Hat. After the picture, Konnor and Keegan gave him a big high 5.

Keegan got a tattoo of Percey.

Konnor got a tattoo of Rosey.

Here is Keegan waiting for the train to start.

Here is Konnor excited about being pulled down the tracks by Thomas.

We had a really nice day. I know this is something that Konnor will remember for a very long time.
I like that, even though the ticket prices were high, all the activities were FREE. You can't beat free.
~Just Me

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