Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Italian Restaurant

You would think that after being a mom for over 20 years I would have learned to be careful what I say in front of my kids. Apparently not.

The other night during dinner I made the comment that I really liked the smell of the garlic salt on the table. This wasn't the plain jane garlic salt. It had other seasonings in it and it really smelled yummy. I kept it up all through dinner.

Fast forward 2 days and I am going to vacuum the carpet in the living room. Remember I have 6 kids still living at home and it is summer and we live on a "farm" and well, our carpets can get down right stinky. I was searching all over for the "Carpet Fresh" that I knew I just purchased but couldn't find it.

Keegan knew what I was doing and why. Being a very smart 5 year old, who had been in some big trouble earlier, he thought he could win some "brownie points" by helping out. He couldn't find the "Carpet Fresh" either during his search but he did find what he thought was the next best thing. The garlic salt.

By the time I gave up looking and heading back to the living room to vacuum, Keegan had managed to coat the entire carpet with the garlic salt and was sitting there smiling all proud of himself for helping out.

My first instinct was to throttle him but when it dawned on me why he did what he did I just hugged him and sat down and explained that it wasn't such a great idea to put food in the carpet.

So now my whole house smells like an Italian restaurant. I guess it could be worse. But now I have to figure out how to clean the vacuum of the smell.

~Just Me.

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